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Boom blends a punching bag, a smart speaker and interactive illumination technology into a streamlined boxing experience at home.


Table of Content

  • Fitness Boxing Market

  • Target Consumers

  • Opppportunities & Insights

  • Persona Profile

  • Ideations

  • Technology Inspirations

  • Interactive Boxing System 

  • User Scenarios

  • App Demo

  • Material Applications

  • Color Ways

  • Product Scales

Background Research

Background Research

Opportunities & Insights

Based on previous research & analysis


Persona Profile

Design Development

Design Development


Technology Inspirations

Final Design Collage

Free-Standing Boxing Bag with Smart Speaker Base

Interactive Light Display - Workout App Assistant

With different light modes, Palema's boxing experience will be more exciting and personalized

User Scenarios

Early in the morning, BOOM, regarded as a smart speaker, connects to the sports music channel and plays soothing yoga music.

On weekends, Palema warms up by turning on the Tracing mode and hitting the boxing bag while following the light spots.

When it's time for Palema to practice and test her strength, she turns on the Random mode and hits the boxing bag randomly. She can review her strength report on the app anytime.

When Palema starts to learn a new boxing set, she plays the corresponding boxing class on the app and follows the guiding pattern on the boxing bag to practice the new skills.

On weekends, Pelama invites her boxing friend to practice together instead of going to the gym. They use the pairs mode, which provides different approaches for two people to take turns practicing and resting.

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App Demo

Material, Finish, Color

Material, Finish, Color

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